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Retirement of the Head Master 

Soon after his appointment as Head Master of the School, and having apprised himself of the way things were done at the John Fisher together with its deeply-seated traditions, Robin Gregory exclaimed to himself, ‘What on earth have I let myself in for?’ A lesser man might have decided that after a couple of years or as a quiet resignation would be in order and the taking-up of a post in another school where the challenges were no so forbidding. Fortunately for the School, Robin was not a lesser man and he settled down to immerse himself in the Fisher ways, methods and traditions and the School soon realised that there was an inspiring leader at the helm. Before long he had obtained the respect and affection of the Staff, and the boys appreciated that although Robin built up a friendly relationship with them, he was, nevertheless, someone you would not be advised to mess with. The parents, too, appreciated his friendly and co-operative attitude towards them, and gave him and the School their full support. Robin’s interest in, and support for, the Association was soon apparent and remained so throughout his term of office. Life at the School was not easy, with major building projects interrupting the normal school life, and the pupil roll continuing to expand – there are now approaching 250 boys in the 6th form. (When I left in 1940 there were 3, but that’s another world.) Yet with all the problems, standards have continued to rise, and the School has received glowing OFSTED reports, which did not fail to refer to the positive influence which the faith had on all its activities.

The high quality of the School’s sporting activities has earned it an impressive reputation that reached far beyond the local area, and has moved the Education Department to grant it Sports college status.

Looking back over the past 11 or 12 years, Robin should feel more than a little content over the task which he has performed with great ability, understanding and devotion, and his successor will require great efforts to maintain the present standards. Thank you, Robin, for a job carried out so magnificently. You’ve earned your rest – if you intend to indulge in one.


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