The John Fisher Old Boys Association

For former pupils and staff of The John Fisher School, Peaks Hill, Purley

Simon Sterling RIP 

We have today heard the very sad news of the death of Simon Sterling at home in South Croydon. Simon was a very popular member of Purley John Fisher Rugby Club and avid supporter of London Irish. He was very well known to very many Old Boys... read more
16 October 2007 14:06:00 Categories: Old Boy Rugby

Ray Alston RIP 

It is with very great sadness that we have to announce the death of Ray Alston. Ray was an honorary Old Boy who will be fondly remembered by many old boys. He retired to Somerset some years ago to spend more time on the Golf course and it was on... read more
26 September 2007 14:02:00 Categories: Old Boy

Arthur Nutt, R.I.P.  

Arthur Nutt died on the 26th December. He was another Old Boy who, for one reason or another, avoided joining the Association, although he was well known amongst the Old Boys on the sports field where he was a past master at stirring things up... read more
26 December 2006 14:53:00 Categories: Old Boy

Dr Rupert Bennett, B.Sc., M.B., B.S., D.R.C.O.G., M.R.C.G.P., R.I.P 

Dr Rupert Bennett, a highly qualified Old Boy, died in tragic circumstances recently whilst on, for him a normal climbing expedition in Scotland . Tony Hazeldine, a long-time friend and relation of Dr Rupert, has sent in the following tribute.... read more
10 September 2006 14:55:00 Categories: Old Boy

Oscar Dodwell, R.I.P. 

Oscar Dodwell, at school 1937-1940, died on the 18th April with little fuss, as was his wont. Oscar’s time at the School was comparatively short but in that time we became very friendly although after his leaving it was many years before we... read more
18 April 2006 14:50:00 Categories: Old Boy

Father John Hennessey, R.I.P.  

Father John Hennessey, at school as a pupil 1944-1948 and as a master 1964-1965, died on the 30th November and Bishop Howard Tripp kindly sent me a copy of an obituary notice issued by the Deceased Clergy Association of the Southwark... read more
30 November 2005 14:33:00 Categories: Clergy Old Boy Teacher
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