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Father Richard Fawssett RIP

With great sadness we wish to inform you that Father Richard Fawssett has died recently aged 87 years. He lived and worked at the School from 1950 to 2004 and made a valuable contribution to many of the School’s Achievements working with students, parents and the Old Boys; he was President of the 30 Section.

The Funeral will be held in the School Chapel on Friday 19 June at 12.30pm.and Mass will be concelebrated by Bishop Howard Tripp. Please pass the information to other Old Boys you know may be interested.

01 June 2009 14:09:00 Categories: Clergy Teacher


17 June 2013 12:27:55

re: Father Richard Fawssett RIP

My Mum and Dad got to know Fr Fawcett when my Dad played cricket with the Old Boys, reporting that he was great fun.  My Mum recalled an occasion when she rode on the back of his scooter to go and see my Dad play (feigning an interest in the game that waned somewhat after marriage). When I came to JFS, however, I was terrified of 'Sticks', as he was affectionately known.  This was quite unjust as the worst he ever did to me was, nabbing me committing my most heinous misdemeanour of growing my hair over my collar, appearing silently behind me to tug the offending locks lightly and whisper, somewhat menacingly as I felt at the time, 'Enough said, eh?'. Well. it was enough;  the hair would get cut pretty sharpish.  Getting to know him as the years went by, I came to realise that he was one of the kindest and most supportive people I have met.  Lovely man.

22 December 2014 05:22:00

re: Father Richard Fawssett RIP

I moved to Australia and just register for this site, and saw that Father Fawsett had passed, he was a great man and also a scary one, but did offer great support to me when my parents split up. I do remember the Father Fawsett line on the outside of his door, if a prefect or teacher told you to write out 50 of the line, it turned into a 2000 word essay. RIP Father Fawsett.

08 November 2015 09:44:44

re: Father Richard Fawssett RIP

Father Fawssett was an enterprising teacher, always pushing his student flock to accomplish greater things beyond and above the drudgery of the classroom. Prime examples of his ambition for us were:getting us to sit our Latin A Level in the 5th Form; staging an annual Shakesperean play, which in our case was the Taming of the Shrew; but more than all this, running the school boxing competition.

19 October 2016 17:16:07

re: Father Richard Fawssett RIP one remembers his run-up before a caning?

Seriously, a good teacher, in charge of the cricket team I was in and also ran the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme.

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