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School Newsletter March 2017

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Headmasters Update

We are now reaching the final run towards the finishing line which is the examinations. All year, we have been motivating the students to reach above expected levels

of progress, to exceed beyond their target grades and to reach beyond themselves to achieve something truly special. Students are aware that they have their own race to run and some are making huge strides towards achieving their desired outcomes. For those students who are still falling short it is important to appreciate that there is still some time to make the difference. Students have to make a conscious decision to make some sacrifices, to demonstrate a dedication and be prepared to engage in serious study.

Unfortunately, there is no magic wand or tricks which students can play to improve their performance in examinations just solid preparation. Students have to be willing to accept the critical feedback from their teachers and to show a passionate attitude towards their education if they hope to unlock their God given potential. Parents/carers have a significant role to play in supporting their sons through what can be a daunting experience. Nevertheless, with sound preparation and through demonstrating resilience we are confident that The John Fisher School students can be successful.I would like to thank the teaching staff and support staff who have worked so tremendously hard over the last two terms to help ensure that the students are fully prepared. I hope that the students take some of the Easter break to have some rest and then to use this time out of school effectively so that they can perform to their best when they return to sit their examinations.

Mr P E McCullagh

31 March 2017 17:16:00
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